A French and European infrastructure

Our product is fully hosted in Europe and we respect GDPR standards.
Your data is confidential, you will have a dedicated and secure infrastructure which, unless explicitly requested, only you will have access to.

Design your email campaign and launch it without having to worry about the superfluous,
Choose the desired domain name, copy an email and an existing site or personalize one and all that remains is to click on send.
Don’t hesitate to watch our demo video or request a demo to see it.

Produce KPI

Retrieve all the results in the chosen format. Gottaphish is based on open source solutions and all data is exportable for free and with real meaning.

Whether you are DPO, CISO, CTO or cybersecurity engineer, we allow you to retrieve information graphically and easily. This will allow you to present understandable and meaningful results of your campaign to your audience.

What is phishing

What and why do I need to pay attention to phishing

Phishing is a cybercrime using social engineering to cause a user to perform a dommageable action or disclose sensitive information.

It can be carried out in multiple ways, it can be carried out by many means of communication such as emails, SMS, by phone call ..

While phishing has long been a tool for criminals, the recent rise in cyber threats and the ubiquity of mobile devices have made it impossible for consumers to ignore. In addition to giving users false assurance or incorrect information about their finances, phishing attacks can also disrupt businesses’ financial system by diverting customer resources from non-financial tasks, like billing calls or emailing customer service employees.

The days of obvious phishing  emails with misspellings are over, now the attacks are more and more sophisticated and targeted. The targets are easily identifiable on Linkedin and the email and the link are visually identical to what the user is used to.Phishers can, for example, ask HR to change an employee’s bank account,to provide confidential information, to pay a false invoice, to enter the passwords + MFA of the company’s drive/email, etc.

3.4 Billion

3.4 billion phishing emails are sent out each day worldwide.


Around 94% of cyber attacks are carried out through emails

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Why to choose Gottaphish

Ease of use

The platform has one goal, to help you achieve the best your phishing campaign. Everything is thought to help you best in this mission.

Only 4 steps are necessary and everything can be done within 5 minutes:

  • Choose the domain name that looks like your context (ex: employee-mycompany.com)
  • Copy paste a legitimate email
  • Duplicate an existing site
  • Import a CSV with all your users
  • Send campaign

Template/DNS customized for entreprise

The domains chosen and all email and landing page templates are easily customizable with or without coding

Easy data export + API

All your data and results can be exported in csv format, in addition, each action can be controlled by API. With this feature, our product gives you great mobility

Is suitable for large and small structures

We are used to working with small structures that are encouraged by large international groups. Each need is specific and we are here to help you meet it.

A real support network

We are still a human-sized company, which allows us to provide you with quality support. Our goal is to help you better understand our product, and we are happy to assist you if you have any questions.

Promotional Video

Demo how to do a phishing campaign

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